Welcome! I am Ericka. Mostly known as “E.”

I am a native Houstonian, born and raised and Texas proud!

I have three children. Eva my oldest is 9, John Abel is 6 and Harper is 2. They are always featured in my Weekend Chronicles Vlogs on Youtube.

I also have a half-Jack Russell named “Cracker Jack,” who you will see frequently in pictures or walking through videos.

I have had a fondness of fashion since I was a little girl, that has grown to include beauty and fitness. When I became a mom (nearly 10 years ago) I started to find myself desperately trying to cling onto the “me.” It is incredibly easy to lose yourself in mom mode amidst the diapers and the spit up and the goofy giggles. I started secretly creating YouTube Videos showcasing my Outfit of the Days (OOTD’s) to share my style. I have always been a supporter of fashion affordability and easy style. For me, great style is about having the right pieces and knowing how to put items together. As a mom of 3, my clothing options are limited to what can withstand the gooey hands and limitless energy kids! My OOTD’s express just that.

Soon, my hubby found out and has become my #1 fan and #1 critic. Often times encouraging me when I am disengaged.  This has become a very fulfilling part of my daily life, sharing tidbits of my life via Instagram, YouTube, and personal messages. It’s just never been something that I shared with my real-life friends and family. I have always feared the judgment of those close to me more than anything. Now, I after 8 years of hiding, I am OUT and ready to share YouTube and this blog with the world.


In my own daily life, my goals are simple. I want to be the best mom and wife I can be, and I want to live beautifully. By beautifully I mean I make a conscious effort to surround myself with the “good.” I dislike negativity and do not welcome the ugly into my life. The best example of living this way I relate to my Grandmother Alice. She worked tirelessly in her community to promote the advancement of others, raised a family of 6, and always had her hair and nails done. She taught me so much and then taught me, even more, when Alzheimer’s took over. Through the shadiest moments of her life, she was resilient, fearless, and so very, very graceful. Thanks to my aunts, she always had her hair and nails done. This lady lived beautifully. She was NOT negative, always supportive, always loving, always accepting.

My other goals: I just want to workout!! I also want a clean home and happy family!! So, I share these adventures with you via YouTube and my Weekend Chronicles Vlogs, Instagram pictures and now this Blog!

I absolutely love that I can share my personal style, routines and personal life with you, and appreciate very much the opportunity to do so.

Oh, and I am not in the habit of eating my shoes.

XX ~ E