Workout Tights & Bras

Tights – Victoria Secret Knockout Capri Tights, XS | Tank – Nike Elastika | Sports Bra – Incredible front Close Bra by Victoria Secret | Nike Free Run Shoes | Sunglasses – Quay

These tights are my absolute favorites. I love wearing them and the way they fit is great. They define your butt and legs and give a great lift and smoothing effect.

I take credit for only half of this. I workout daily and squat like a mother on leg day. Running also has a lot to do with it. But, these tights hold it all in, lift my butt and there is no jiggle.

I pair this  Incredible Front Close Sports Bra by Victoria Secret with this Nike Elastika Tank for my afternoon run and weight sessions. When it comes to running I don’t want my girls flopping every where. This high impact sports bra does a great job of keeping them supported and comfortable. It has a regular bra with underwire support on the inside and a zip up compression bra on the exterior.  I also do not like sleeves rubbing against my arms or the sides of my chest while I run. These tanks from Nike I purchase at Academy Sports. They are the most comfortable tops to wear whilst running and weight training. They are simply weightless.

Another one of my workout faves are my running shoes. I am a Nike girl at heart and while Nike AirMax will always be my #1’s,  I have taken a break from them recently and started wearing Nike Free Runs. They are so light weight and easily go from running to weight training and calisthenic exercises.

So this is my afternoon gym look. My kid’s know we go to the gym everyday. They see mom workout regularly and I press them to challenge themselves physically. I want them to know that being strong is important. That taking care of our bodies is part of our daily routine so that they will grow up knowing fitness to be a part of their lives.

Excuse the roofing materials in the background, we are still under construction!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!!

XX ~ E

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