My Son’s Bedroom Tour – 6 year old

Earlier this year my husband and I decided it was time to separate my son and my daughter into individual spaces. They have been living out of the same bedroom since John Abel was born and it has worked well. They never liked sleeping away from one another and it just made sense to keep all kid stuff in there too. BUT, when he started Kindergarten, he started asking for his own space, somewhere to keep all of his “boy stuff.”

In April we started to transition into the idea of sleeping separately and keeping separate bedrooms. We sorted clothes and toys. Blankets and pillows. Chose paint colors and battled with Abel who chose red. After much discussion, he changed his mind to blue with lots of red stuff. The end result was a paint called “Morning Sky.” It is a pretty light blue color that is refreshing and calming. We have yet to hang anything on the walls, and if you know my penchant for bare walls, this might take time.


Target Bedding

Furniture shopping was the most adventurous and after visiting several places locally here in Houston. We found a bed that would match with the nightstand and dresser that I’ve had since I was a teenager. If you live in the Houston area, you really can’t go wrong with Gallery Furniture or Star Furniture. Although I will tell you that anytime we have to furniture shop, I find myself pining for Fingers!! I loved Fingers, so much of my childhood furniture came from that huge store in the East End of Houston right outside of downtown. #missyoufingers

It was very important that his bed be solid wood and not press board. We wanted this to be furniture that will see him through his childhood into teenage years and beyond. While his bedroom is far from complete he is loving his new space. There are things like shelves for his books, a chair for his desk, storage solutions for his Legos, Grossery Gang, Nerf Guns and other toys that still need to be added.



Abel’s Nightlight

Let me know what solutions you have for your little boy’s toys. I want them to have homes, not just a landing space.

Here is a video tour:

Thank you so much for stepping into our little world and enjoying our room tour.

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